Barra Construction is a company founded on the techniques and lessons learned from early generations. Our combination of modern and traditional techniques drives our passion for quality on every job. While most of our projects are larger than average, the quality and craftsmanship stays consistent, regardless of the price tag. The primary focus of Barra Construction has been residential remodeling. Working directly with the homeowner is one of the many reasons we love going to work each day.

Our Story

The founder, Taylor Woodruff, started working for a custom home builder at the age of fifteen. Seeing the construction process from start to finish over many projects sparked his interest in residential construction. Long before that Taylor was building tree houses in the mountains of Southern California then skate ramps in Texas and anything else he or his brothers could build out of a pile of scrap lumber... usually from a nearby construction site. 

In high school and college Taylor found regular work doing various home improvement projects. Once at the University of Oklahoma, he began a small business of his own, servicing home owners in Norman and the Oklahoma City Metroplex. Taylor worked along side property owners as a rental manager, while at the same time continuing with the passion for construction and working on his degree full-time. This combination of experience with property management and home renovations has given Taylor the knowledge needed to be successful in today's real estate and construction market.

The last ten years has taught Taylor many things about this industry. The most important of those being the unmet need for not only skilled, but honest people. The number one compliment Barra Construction receives from its customers is that they trusted us to be in their home, with or without them being there. This is what sets Barra Construction apart from the others.